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Frequently Asked Questions About Coaching and Personal Success Systems

What is coaching?
Why should I have a coach?
What won't coaching do for me?
What can I expect from my coach?
What are some of the results that I can expect?
How do I find the right coach for me?

  1. What is coaching?
         Coaching is about interacting with people in a way that teaches them to produce often spectacular results.

         Coaching has the freedom and flexibility to address a wide variety of personal and professional topics.  In any given coaching relationship, coach and client alone determine the scope of the work.

         A coach is an objective partner in and individualís life that helps unearth personal goals and aspirations without being judgmental.

         Coaching is about a change in thinking.  Change creates opportunities and possibilities! Coaching is about going from where you are to where you want to be.


  2. Why should I have a coach?
         Professional coaches help people improve their performance and enhance the quality of their lives.   You stop putting up with what is dragging you down. Coaches:

    • Encourage people to set better goals and reach them.

    • Ask clients to do more than they would have done for themselves.

    • Provide the tools, support and structure to accomplish more with fewer struggles.

    • Stick with the client to implement new skills, changes and actions to make sure the results really happen.


  3. What won't coaching do for me?
         Coaching wonít do anything for you if you arenít ready to close the gap between where you are and where you want to be.

         Coaching wonít be a benefit if you are not open to new ideas and/or ways of doing things that will facilitate positive change.

         Coaching is not a reasonable option if you are not financially able to invest in it, and make room in your life to commit to the process.

         Coaching wonít work for you if what you really need is help of a therapist or counselor.  People suffering from severe depression or finding that deeply rooted problems are interfering with life are encouraged to seek therapy.

         Coaching wonít work for you if you expect the coach to do what you need to do.

  4. What can I expect from my coach?

    • Accurate Listening

    • Truthful Feedback

    • Positive Reinforcement

    • Constructive Advice

    • Responsive Attention

    • Clear Thinking

    • Compassionate Understanding

    • Business Knowledge

    • Action Orientation

    • Realistic Outlook


  5. What are some of the results I can expect?

    • You will know and be focused on what is truly important to you. 

    • You will be able to reach your goals with little struggle.

    • After one month of coaching you will notice you have more energy.

    • You will become more self-aware and in touch with your strengths.

    • You will not tolerate any blocks to reaching your goals.

    • You will understand your needs and have the tools for meeting them.

    • Your decisions in life will be based on your true values.

    • Your reserves of time, money and space will increase.

    • Your life will seem simpler and more enjoyable.

    • You will know how to attract what you want in your life.


  6. How do I find the right coach for me?
         The only way you can learn about coaching is to experience it.  Make sure the coach you are considering offers a complimentary coaching session.  This session should last 45 minutes to an hour.  Have a list of all the questions you want answered. Three things are important in hiring a coach.

    • You should have a comfortable feeling and trust when you are talking to the person you are considering for a coach.

    • There should be synergy between the two of you.  You feel genuine interest from the coach.

    • Ask for references!


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