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There is a hot topic being discussed in boardrooms today and it is coaching. Companies like Xerox, IBM and Microsoft are training thousands of managers to become coaches. What exactly is coaching? Coaching aims to enhance the performance and learning ability of others. It involves providing feedback, but it also uses other techniques such as motivation, effective questioning and consciously matching your management style to the coachee's readiness to undertake a particular task.

Managers today have to have "soft skills" like coaching as well as the hard skills like finance and business strategies. Coaching can be learned, but for the autocrat, it can be a hard lesson. Coaching is different from training where one sits in a classroom setting and information is poured into your head. Coaching is different than consulting which provides you with piles of reports and often times changes the behavior, or the way of doing things, but does not change the person. Coaching is interacting with people in a way that produces permanent, long-lasting change and teaches the individual to produce often spectacular results. Coaching often requires the development of a new mind-set.

In many instances, managers today already have coaching skills, but do not know how to use them. Managers learn to be coaches, not by attending a structured workshop, but by either being coached themselves, or participating in a session. Effective coaches, for example, use a five-step process:

Corporate Counseling programs

(1) Listen (2) Evoke (3) Clarify (4) Discuss (5) Support

Does coaching have to be done face to face? According to the International Coach Federation, this may be the most obvious way of coaching; however, using the telephone and Email can be alternative methods when it is not possible to be there in person. Many coaches are virtual coaches and there are virtual teams that rely heavily on e-mail for information sharing, they are missing opportunities for coaching.

What are the benefits of coaching? There are many, but one of the biggest is a stronger more productive organization. Today, companies have to reach new levels of performance, introduce constant change and bring out the best in people. The complexities of today's business environment require strong foundations, high levels of performance, and the flexibility to deal with change and the multiple concerns that constantly get added to the daily agenda. Few companies can afford to depend on their past history or performance. The years ahead will challenge us to surpass both current and foreseeable levels of productivity and effectiveness. To meet this challenge will require new possibilities for organizational effectiveness. Since it is the people in our organization who determine productivity, generate new ideas, and push for change, it may be that how they see themselves, their jobs and what is possible has a great deal to do with how effective they are and may in fact determine the success of the organization itself.

Labor markets have changed. The most qualified, skilled individuals are searching and moving to companies with a coaching culture. They know it is more fun and rewarding to work in this environment. In addition, excellent organizations are focusing on bringing out their employees potential to retain the best performers.

If your organization is ready to make a change, the good news is that becoming a great coach is relatively easy, requiring the mastery of only a few simple skills and habits. Let Personal Success Systems train your management team to be masterful coaches.

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