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Every company needs and values good employees. Yet nothing causes a company more headaches than its work force. Recruiting, interviewing, hiring, training, reviewing and terminating. Government regulations and requirements make it difficult when the employee does not work out, and in many instances we hold on to them instead of addressing the problem.

Often times the employees who got you to where you are today, are not the people to get you where you want to go in the future. Everyday businesses are confronted with employee disputes, such as wrongful discharge, or discrimination. And whether you are right or wrong, disputes and litigation can cost your business thousands of dollars and many hours to resolve... resources that few growing companies can afford to squander.

Terminating an employee is never an easy task. It is not only traumatic for the person being eliminated, but is just as unpleasant for the person handling the termination. What is more important, it is a potentially hazardous situation for the organization. Because people are proud and sensitive, terminated employees feel rejected, shocked and bitter... no matter how much they have anticipated the termination. And for the corporation, there is always the risk of the employee having an adverse effect on the remaining employees and company image.

Benefits gained by providing outplacement assistance include but are not limited to:

  • Minimizing legal and public relations issues
  • Stabilizing the morale of remaining employees
  • Reducing the length of time that terminated employees receive unemployment benefits

With career coaching, the terminated employee has someone he can closely work with through the whole process. Along with the one-on-one counseling and guidance, all the creative materials are prepared for the client.

  • A personal coach is available 24 hours per day
  • In person (depending on location), telephone and email
  • Prescheduled weekly structured meetings
  • A coach is a partner in someone's life who provides feedback without being judgmental
  • A coach is a mentor, cheerleader and support person
  • A coach holds the person accountable for their action plan, therefore, the results come quicker

Personal Success Systems has a staff of career coaches that are experts in all areas of outplacement...

  • Marketing
  • Research
  • Communications
  • Interview Training
  • Salary Negotiation
  • Networking
  • Follow Up

We also have an Executive Search Division. A professional coach can provide one-on-one counseling and guidance for all employees ranging from senior-level executives to administrative and support staff, as well as seminars for groups.

In the past, when a corporation went through reorganization or restructuring of their workforce, they considered providing outplacement packages that could cost as much as $5,000 - $7,000 or more an employee. Often times, because of the cost, this benefit was reserved for a top level individual. The services consisted of sending the individual to an office where they met a counselor, and were taught how to prepare their materials, and conduct their own extensive research to compile a listing of companies etc. Administrative services and computers were made available for personal use. The one ingredient that was missing, and the most important, was the one-on-one relationship and accountability.

A personal professional coaching program assists the individual "re-enter" the job market in the shortest time and increases the probability of your employee securing a rewarding and challenging position in less time.

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