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Typical participants include CEO, Managing Partner, Principals, Marketing Director, Corporate Officers and / or Key employees.


  • Off-site, in a comfortable meeting room with lunch and coffee breaks, arranged by client

  • Scheduled for one or two days, depending on the needs of the company

  • Owner / Management approved agenda

Objectives of a Vision-Mission-Strategy Retreat

Clean the Air     Resolve typical underlying conflicts that exist due to the differences in management styles and approaches.  Agreement to address issues using a format that appeals to all participants.  Create a team.
Get a Focus   Verbalize the vision and mission of the company in a way that is inspiring and honest.  Cut to the core truth of the vision and bring it to life in the mission statement.
Set the Course Develop a plan for the future of the firm that addresses growth issues, sustainable profitability and management transitions.  Create a strategy that is clear, simple, understandable has action steps and a method to evaluate its effectiveness.


Effective Methodologies used by Personal Success Systems, Inc.

Before the Planning Session 

Facilitator conducts telephone or personal interviews prior to the retreat to hear what each retreat participant wants to achieve at the retreat, his/her perspective on whatís working, whatís not working in the company and his/her assessment of the key issues facing the future of the company.

Facilitator provides a written summary of the comments made during the interviews without identifying who said what.


During the Planning Session

The comments from the interviews will be discussed at the beginning of the retreat using the facilitatorís clear effective and positive method for addressing the issues.  The agenda will be addressed systematically with the following points being covered.
Vision: If the company has a clear vision statement, we will discuss what it means to each individual.  If not, we will spend time to focus on the vision of the person(s) who has the most at stake financially and professionally in the company.
Mission: If the company has a clear mission statement, we will discuss how it supports the vision.  We will evaluate its effectiveness in keeping the company on track to realizing the vision.  If not, we will spend time to create a concise, complete and accurate statement that focuses the energies of the company and empowers the employees to fulfill the mission.
Strategy: We will develop a comprehensive strategy to implement the mission including, but not limited to, some or all of the following areas:
  • individual objectives within the company goals
  • past successes and how to capitalize on them
  • current opportunities and how to take advantage of them
  • future direction and how to implement the company mission
  • current problems and how to solve them
  • potential problems and how to avoid or avert them
  • past failures and how to complete them
  • resources needed and how to acquire them
  • individual accountability and how to achieve it
  • effective marketing actions and how to sustain them
  • growth and how to plan for it
  • higher profitability and how to achieve it



After the Retreat

Implementation:  To avoid the common demise of a good plan, Personal Success Systems offers a follow-up coaching program to support the individuals making changes and to keep management focused to ensure the successful implementation of the strategy.

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