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"Business Coaching with Personal Success Systems made a tremendous improvement in my ability to perform as the CEO of my design/build manufacturing firm.  The guidance, feedback and sound advice thru Karen Battoe’s direction allowed me to move to a new level and achieve my desired goals.  Karen showed a true interest in me, the business and it’s employees, helping direct decisions to a “win/win” status.   Karen proved to be knowledgeable in many areas including business development and expansion, basic legal matters and employee issues that my position was confronted with on a daily basis.   Karen Battoe and Personal Success Systems truly proved to be my lifeline."

     -Julie Boivin

I could not have started this business and knew exactly where I going without Karen’s advice and guidance.  I feel that Karen has guided us through a very critical time of our life, and both of us have found career happiness and we are no longer just trying to hold on until retirement, like many of our friends are doing.”

     - D. Drotleff, President
The Cruise Company

"I am now with a company that has the same philosophies, growth concepts and ethics I value....Karen Battoe provided an invaluable service to me and I can only hope that others who have reached crossroads in their careers whether by their own design or not, seriously consider looking to Karen to help guide them during that difficult time. "


     - Karen Moorefield

       Director of Corporate Development

"Mrs. Battoe has an insight into career situations and transitions like no other."

     -Thomas Ray

"Her approach to making a career change is creative and stimulating."

     -Dona Shue
     Director of Public Relations

“Karen has vast knowledge and insight into career situations and challenges you to be all you can be.

     -Joyce Lowe

"Ms. Battoe gets you thinking out of the box.  You have to use untraditional and creative methods.  The career mapping was terrific."

     -John Gibes
 Pharmaceutical Sales

"I stood out from the crowd, I went the extra mile and I am very happy in my new job.  Creativity works."

     -Sara Bruns
     Medical Products

"I not only got the promotion but also got to redesign the job description that resulted in an additional 15% increase in salary.  I will apply these methods to other parts of my life."


"I found that it was not the company that was creating my boredom and stress, but it was me. I needed to change the way I did things and recreate my job."

     -Doris Thompson
General Manager

"Having the right person in the right position is vital to an organizations growth,  success and profitability.  Ms. Battoe’s approach to employee  interviewing and retention is a win/win for everyone."

     -Joshua Clayborn



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