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Building an Optimal Organization through People, Potential, Productivity and Profits

     Walt Disney said “You can dream, create, design and build the most wonderful place in the world … but it requires people to make the dream a reality.”

     Today the focus is on thinking and the people.  The power is not with management but with people as a group.  The first step to building an optimal organization is to make sure there is “the right fit” – the individual and the organization.  You can’t put a square peg in a round hole.  In order to have a win/win situation there has to be a comparing of expectations.  Some of the factors that need to be examined by virtually anyone seeking employment are personal values, goals, talents, abilities, limitations, expectations, motivating factors, culture etc.  Of course, it’s also just as important to look for employment at organizations that are a match. There are a number of tools available to help management make an objective decision.  Equally important is what happens after the employee joins the company.  Developing highly committed and productive employees is an ongoing process.

     The second component is potential. The potential of the employee and also the potential of the company. Potential is defined as possibility not actual. What is possible with this employee in the future? The most important word in employee potential is connection. Employees long for a sense of connection to their workplace, a relationship with their organization that consists of more than a paycheck or benefits. They want to feel in "the loop", plugged into the company. Question How do you know when you and your organization are connecting with employees? 
Companies today invest in a huge amount of time, energy and dollars in finding out what their "customers think." Yet few organizations today would invest the same in what their employees think.

     The third component is productivity.  Consider this – Do you want a partner or an employee in your business?  Webster defines “partner" as one of two or more persons engaged in the same business or enterprise sharing its profits and risks.  In other words, with a “shared vision.”  The definition of an employee “ a person hired by another to work for wages or salary.”  Now ask the question again. Which would you rather have?  Which do you think would put forth the best efforts?  Only when employees feel like fully participating partners do they voluntarily give their best to the organization. 

     Today’s best companies realize tremendous paybacks in productivity and profits and commitment through creating strong partnerships.  Mediocre and disappearing companies continue to view their employees as “hired hands” and a line item on their financial statements.

     The fourth component is profits.  There is a common factor among companies boosting the largest profits and growth in recent years.  Proper training and support for all levels of work produce better, more satisfied and productive employees.

     Peter Drucker says “management’s job is to find out what it is doing that keeps people from doing a good job and stop doing it.”

    A survey of 300 top executives by an international consulting firm found that while 98% of executives agree that improving employee performance would significantly improve their company’s productivity and 73% claimed employees were their company’s greatest asset, investing in people actually ranked #5 in priority.

(1)    Customer Satisfaction

(2)    Bottom-line profit

(3)    Competitiveness

(4)    Product Quality

(5)    Employee Training

It is the corporate culture that creates the atmosphere working men and women encounter everyday as they do their jobs.  Optimal organizations have a culture that reflects the organization’s behaviors, beliefs and values.

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