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Speaking and Facilitating:
When you need an excellent keynote speaker, turn to Personal Success Systems — a multi-dimensional coaching company with a network of top-notch coaches. When you need a facilitator, tap into the expertise of Karen C. Battoe, CPC, whose fun, interactive workshops encourage participants to “think and learn out of the box.” Karen works closely with each organization to create customized workshops that meet the client’s individual needs. 

DiSC® Management Strategies
     Learn practical behavioral approaches for successfully managing and motivating others using DiSC® Management Strategies. This flexible program is organized in four modules:

  • Managing Self
  • Managing Others
  • Managing the Job
  • Managing Performance

Increase communication skills, foster cooperation and enhance individual and team performance with DiSC® Management Strategies. Click Here for more information.

CEO/Managing Partner Coaching:
In individual coaching sessions, we work with the CEO/Managing Partner to clarify his or her vision, define desired company culture, establish measures of effectiveness, shift from manager to leader, create positive work-life balance and provide a sounding board for new ideas and approaches to business problems.

Staff Coaching:
In individual coaching sessions, we work with managers and key employees to implement their distinct missions within the firm’s overall mission. The sessions aim to enhance each person’s professional and personal development. Our coaching services cover areas such as goal setting, performance standards, operations, productivity, time management and job satisfaction.

Team/Group Coaching:
In group coaching sessions, we work with selected participants who will support the team in achieving its objectives. Each team member focuses on his or her individual project or goal as it relates to the team’s goal(s). We also offer group coaching for individuals who share common interests or challenges but do not function as a team.

We can tackle specific projects based on a client’s needs (including written assessments and reports) that target areas such as company morale, productivity, systems effectiveness, workplace education and employee policy and performance.

Corporate Reorganization and Outplacement  Program:
The restructuring of any organization always results in downsizing and staff reduction. By offering outplacement services to terminated employees, we provide them with a supportive resource that can help them through the entire process. Our career coaching services include career analysis, testing and job search support. A professional coaching program helps terminated employees get back in the job market as quickly as possible while still feeling good about the company.

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