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    Personal Success Systems, Inc customizes coaching programs to meet the needs of the individual. There are basically two types of coaching, Developmental and Transitional.  Many employers pay for their employees to receive coaching.  Other times, individuals need to invest in it for themselves.  Some of our clients need guidance in making day to day decisions or in a specific area.  These clients feel an hourly program works best.  The majority of our clients are interested in making more in-depth and transformational changes in their career, business or life.  These individuals choose our 90-day program.  We have affordable programs to meet the needs and wants of every individual. Call 407-332-0554 for a free personal evaluation to see what works best for you.

In Person: 
Coaching in person four weekly one hour sessions per month (prescheduled at a designated location.) Email and short telephone calls in between as needed.

Group Coaching:  (In Person)
Ideal for workshops, seminars, study groups etc.  Maximum of 8 participants.  Includes workbooks and materials.

Telecoaching: (one on one)
Conducted over the telephone four weekly one hour sessions per month (pre-scheduled for a specific time.)  It is the responsibility of the individual to call the coach. This format is ideal for individuals who travel for business or prefer to work from their home.  Telecoaching is available nationwide. (International programs are also available.)

Teleclasses (Group) 
Participants 1-many.  Specific or customized programs designed for groups of individuals.  Workshops and seminars are divided into one hour sessions.  For example, a four hour seminar in person is just as effective in 4 weekly one hour sessions by telephone.  Participants call into a designated telephone number (bridge line) and are connected to the interactive class.  All workbooks and materials are emailed or shipped to you prior to the class.  This method is very effective for companies who have multiple locations.  For current listing of teleclass seminars visit our workshops.

All coaching programs include unlimited emails.



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