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     In1996 I hung a  picture and quote on the wall in my office and  it has been my mission since then.  “It takes courage to push yourself to places that you have never been before…to test your limits…to break through barriers…and risk it all in pursuit of your goals and dreams.”  I founded Personal Success Systems to help individuals discover how to break through barriers and clear the path to consistent peak performance, set and achieve higher stretch goals, and move to the next level in their career, business and personal lives.   Life is all about choices.  Choice not chance determines what we have and how we live our life.

     This year I created the program the  Full Circle  Makeover. The following is the reason why. Everyone is familiar with the term “Circle of Life”.  It is true that our life can be looked at as a circle. For fun draw a circle and divide it in five segments.  Label those segments with the following:  Career, Health, Finances, Image and Relationships.  These areas are known as the primary areas.  Many years ago, members of the American Psychological Association, Washington, DC did a study and found that if we were out of balance in these primary areas, it would carry over and could have an effect on other areas of our life.  Studies and surveys have shown that when individuals asked if they could change any area in his or her life, what would it be and 70% of the respondents, chose one or more of the five primary areas.  When clients engage me to coach them in one area of their life, such as career, I have found that many times career is just the beginning.  In many instances we also work on other areas. 

     I have been very fortunate through my many associations and alliances to partner with a group of professionals that are experts in their individual fields.  I created “The Full Circle Makeover" so my clients have the option of working on achieving balance and happiness in all five areas and have access to these experts through one program. 

     During the Southern Women’s Show we presented The Full Circle Makeover to the public and had an overwhelming response.  Hundreds of attendees visited our booth and commented that they had wanted to make a change or redesign their life for years, but didn’t know where to start.  At the show we offered a free session with each of the following: Karen C. Battoe, CPC, Julie M. McAfee, Certified Personal Trainer, Kirsten Bullock, Certified Image Consultant, and Sharon Hunt, Financial Consultant.  You can take advantage of the same offer by calling 407-332-0554 and scheduling your session. 

     Now go back to the circle you have drawn, and ask the following question.  What area would I like to change  or enhance?  What are you waiting for?  Read “Design Your Life for Beginners” and call 407-332-0554 or email for your free session with each of the experts in the Full Circle Makeover Program.

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